Welcome to Catholic Schoolhouse
Families benefit from support during our homeschooling journeys. This is why Greenwood, IN CSH is here!
  • Are you looking for a classical, Catholic program?
  • Do you desire a consistent, Catholic peer group for your children- the kind that builds lasting relationships and encouragement?
  • Do you want socratic discussion and classroom interaction for your middle and high school students?
  • Do you feel like you are juggling many things and missing family unity?
  • Would you like to have other parents with like-minded goals to share your journey?

Catholic Schoolhouse (CSH) is a program designed to help homeschooling families enrich their educational experience through a flexible approach to learning inspired by classical elements, presented in a structured environment. Our approach is to work with the stages of development of our children, rather than fighting against them. Virtue development shares an equal importance to academics for us.

Grammar students, those traditionally of elementary ages four to 12, focus on mastering facts each week that provide a framework for future knowledge. These facts can be used as springboards for further learning at home, server as additional contact points to refresh material that was previously taught, introduce new topics, or simply enrich your current homeschooling style. Pre-grammar students, ages two to four, enjoy educational play using the same Tour Guide and memory work plus some extra free play.

Older students focus on the goals of interacting with one another (communication skills), growing in right thinking (logic and philosophy) and recognizing the true, good and beautiful (fine arts) because there we will find God. Dialectic students, typically ages 12 to 15 (7th to 9th grades), will be encouraged to review the memory facts as they delve further into them through discovery and discussion work. Rhetoric students, typically ages 15 to 18 (10th to 12th grades), will do the same while adding rotating government, economics, and logic high school credit.

One of the great advantages of CSH is the efficiency, consistency, and family unity that comes from presenting the same studies in all classes. Siblings will be able to relate to one another and study together as older students encourage the younger, and parents will enjoy the enhanced effectiveness of teaching only one set of information at a time. Furthermore, CSH forms an encouraging social network for parents and children.

The classes meet once a week during the school year for four six-week quarters, in addition to providing planned field trips each quarter that coincide with our content studies, end of the semester group presentations, and saint day celebrations. We all pitch-in to create an atmosphere of virtues and academics guiding students through sequential topics, rotating over a three-year cycle. Parents are dedicated to a particular class for two of the three hours of chapter day as a class leader, co-class leader, or dedicated helper and ready substitute class leader. One of the helps to being involved on chapter days is our nursery for our youngsters who are ready to separate, but not yet ready for our classroom environment. It allows us, the homeschooling parents, to be engaged in our program – as Class Leaders and as helpers – and allows our students to focus undistracted by cute toddlers.

Catholic Schoolhouse is more than a day out of the house; it can help bring structure and cohesiveness to your entire homeschool experience and will bless your family!

We would love to have you join our community. Please get in touch to arrange a visit or attend and information night to learn more.

Catholic Schoolhouse is loyal to the magisterium of the Roman Catholic Church.